Professional freelance translator with over 20 years of experience specialized in Spanish translations for accounting, audits, business and finance, economy, medicine, mining, sales, stock market and general.

Good knowledge of the most modern CAT tools, including Trados, Dejavu, Wordfast, and Power Translator Pro. Thanks to these tools consistency is quite good, quickness becomes a must and deadlines are always met. Wide research expertise which became into a very ingrained habit: to look for, to investigate and to get the most exact and meticulous interpretation ever.

Translation of documents from English into Spanish and Portuguese into Spanish. Deadlines are always met is a personal motto that is respected always. Consequently, if the work happens to be very urgent, I have no problems in working Saturdays and Sundays, and don't hesitate even holidays. Both uncleaned and cleaned documents are generally sent back (upon agency requirement).

If necessary, i will ask for all the possible documentation, in photocopies and / or hardcopy. Comunication on the phone, email or fax is a must. The deepest research over the material to be translated is a must, and it is for this reason that only in truly extreme cases I will call or I will email requesting for additional information.

I am used to deadlines as well as to payment terms.